The Ural Turbine Works Has Manufactured a Turbine for the Arkhangelsk Pulp Mill

30 September 2019

The Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC Group) has completed the manufacture and bench tests of the ПТ-60-8.9/1.9 steam turbine, which were witnessed by the representatives of the customer – Arkhangelsk Pulp Mill. The turbine will be supplied in the near future. Commissioning of the turbine will take place in 2020 as scheduled.
The renovation of the turbine shop of the CHP-1 at the Arkhangelsk Pulp Mill is one of the most crucial milestones of the equipment upgrade at the enterprise. The launch of the new 60 MW turbine will boost the reliability and performance of the entire power system of the mill. Let us remind you that the CHP-1 provides thermal and electric power not only right for the production but also for the residential areas of Novodvinsk.
The ПТ-60-8.9/1.9 turbine features two cylinders and state-of-the-art automatic control system. The machine "ex-works" will be connected to the PRANA predictive analytics system. Created by ROTEC, it identifies defects 2-3 months before they can actually cause an emergency. PRANA increases the reliability of complex equipment and helps control the actions of operating personnel and contractors.
The power unit reconstruction project has been developed by the ROTEC's Project Solutions Center. Its peculiarity is that the reconstruction of the power unit will take place in the operating engine room. The new plant will be placed in an existing cell instead of the ВПТ-50-2 turbine, which has exhausted its service life, while keeping the necessary plant-wide systems.
Established in 1940, the Arkhangelsk Pulp Mill is one of the leading wood-chemical enterprises in Russia and Europe. It manufactures cardboard and commercial pulp, paper, and white paper products.
The sole shareholder of the Arkhangelsk Pulp Mill is Pulp Mill Holding GmbH, Austria.
ROTEC JSC ( The scope of the company's activities includes PRANA - Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System, designing, engineering, and general contracting for construction of power facilities and infrastructure, development, and production of highly-efficient energy depot systems based on supercapacitors, manufacturing, upgrading, and maintenance of basic power-generating equipment.
Ural Turbine Works JSC ( is one of the Russia's leading machine-building companies dealing with design and manufacture of power-generating equipment. Today, the company founded in 1938 specializes in manufacturing of steam turbines, maintenance and upgrading of steam and gas turbines. It is a member of ROTEC Holding.

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