The Ural Turbine Works Completed a Project at the Primorskaya TPP

18 February 2021

The third unit was put into operation at the Primorskaya TPP (Kaliningrad generation). Three K-65-12,8 turbines for the power units of the station were manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works.

The commissioning of the Primorskaya TPP with a capacity of 195 MW will diversify the fuel balance of the Kaliningrad energy system which will help reduce energy technological dependence on natural gas supplies to the westernmost region of Russia. In the event of a reduction in electricity flows from neighboring countries, highly efficient UTW machines will become a reliable source of electricity for residents of the Kaliningrad Region.

The K-65 turbine is a highly maneuverable and, at the same time, highly efficient medium power turbine. It is designed as a single-cylinder turbine without structurally separated governing stage and has a highly efficient flow part. The K-65 turbine is designed for the fresh steam pressure of 12.8 MPa. Increase of the initial steam parameters provides an opportunity to achieve higher efficiency of the steam turbine.

The Primorskaya TPP was built as part of the project to ensure the energy security of the Kaliningrad Region by order of the President of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the resolutions of the Russian government. According to the project, four power plants with a total installed capacity of about 1 GW (three gas-powered, one coal-fired) were to be built in the region by 2021.

Kaliningrad Generation LLC is a joint venture of Rosneftegaz JSC and Inter RAO PJSC established for the construction of power plants in the Kaliningrad Region. The company acts as a customer for the construction of plants such as the Mayakovskaya TPP (Gusev), the Talakhovskaya TPP (Sovetsk), the Pregolskaya TPP (Kaliningrad), and the Primorskaya TPP (Svetlovsky urban district). The total capacity of these power plants is about 1 GW.

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