The Joint Project Between The Ural Turbine Works And RUE Grodnoenergo Increased The Capacity Of the Grodno Chpp-2 (Republic of Belarus)

1 August 2019

The joint project between the Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC Holding) and RUE Grodnoenergo was completed. The PT-70-12,8/1,27 turbine unit was put into operation at the Grodno CHPP-2 after reconstruction. The installed electric capacity of the plant increased from 302 to 312 MW.

The reconstruction resulted in a significant increase in turbine efficiency. The new equipment is capable of handling a 1.5 times higher heat load. Steam of 30 technical atmosphere from two different extractions with the possibility of switching from one to the other depending on the load of the turbine unit is supplied to the production line. Steam supply was increased: from the additional extraction - up to 100 t/h, from the heat extraction - up to 200 t/h. Due to the use of new technical solutions, equipment can operate in "poor vacuum" mode, allowing to ensure the operation of the turbine condenser not only on the circulating water, as it was before the reconstruction, but also on the delivery water, thereby eliminating heat losses in the condenser.

The use of original design solutions made it possible not to make fundamental changes in the layout of the turbine room itself. The new turbine unit is mounted on the old foundation, while the installation took place in the existing shop.

Grodno CHPP-2 is the largest source of electricity and heat in the region, besides, the plant provides industrial steam to JSC Grodno Azot, one of the largest chemical enterprises of the country. In accordance with the State Program of the Belarusian energy system development, the PT-60 turbine reconstruction project is one of the most significant projects of RUE Grodnoenergo implemented in recent years.

It should be noted that the Ural Turbine Works has long and reliable relationships with Belarusian enterprises. 50% of the republic's turbine fleet consists of equipment produced in the Urals. Twenty steam turbines supplied to Belarus in different years provide electricity and heat to consumers in Minsk, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Mazyr, and Grodno now. The cooperation between Belarusian power engineers and the Urals machine builders will continue. The Russian Export Center and the Ural Turbine Works signed a memorandum of cooperation as part of the INNOPROM-2019 international industrial exhibition.

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