A New Year’s Gift for Perm Citizens. The UTW Manufactured the First of Two Turbines for the Permskaya CHPP-9

11 January 2021

The Ural Turbine Works has manufactured a T-60/66-10,2 turbine ordered by T Plus PJSC for the Permskaya CHPP-9. It is the first of the two turbines manufactured for this plant. The work on the second turbine (Тп-124-12,8-NG) is in full swing, the unit is to be shipped by July 2021.

Let us recall that under the contracts with T Plus PJSC the Ural Turbine Works manufactures turbines for the two power plants of the company - two units for the Permskaya CHPP-9 and one for the Izhevskaya CHPP-2. The projects are being implemented as part of the DPM-2 program. The commissioning of the equipment is scheduled for 2022-2023. The total installed capacity of the turbines is 310 MW.

The T-60/66-10,2 turbine at the Permskaya CHPP-9 will operate as a single unit with the GTE-160 gas turbine. This will complete a large-scale project to convert one of the CHPP's steam power units to combined cycle mode. Prior to the upgrade, the plant utilized a 165 MW gas turbine and a heat recovery steam generator. Equipping the unit with a UTW steam turbine will allow for the creation of a full-fledged CCGT unit.

The T-60 turbine is an improved single-cylinder unit for use in CCGT. The turbine design allows for heat extraction required by the plant, ensuring the thermal load of up to 143 Gcal/h.

Implementation of the projects at the CHPP-9 in Perm will increase the heat consumption output, as well as improve the efficiency of thermal and electric energy production. The plant’s installed capacity will increase to 465 MW due to the implementation of the DPM program.

The Permskaya CHPP-9 is the largest power plant of the Perm branch of T Plus PJSC by installed heat capacity. The combined heat and power plant is located in the Industrial District of Perm and is one of the main producers of thermal energy consumed by industrial enterprises and residents of the left-bank part of Perm.

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